Score Guarantee

15-Point score improvement guarantee

The Stellar System works. And we’re confident that it will work for you too. Just how confident?

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What makes us special?

If your official GRE score prior to using StellarGRE is:

up to 320, we guarantee at least a 5-point improvement;

up to 310, we guarantee at least a 10-point improvement; and,

up to 300, we guarantee at least a 15-point improvement, after completing the course.

Easy enrollement

How do you sign up?

Enrolling in the score guarantee is as easy as 1-2-3.

Send us your old GRE scores

Within 30 days of purchasing the StellarGRE course, email a copy of a valid GRE score report from an official GRE test taken before enrolling in Stellar to

Complete the StellarGRE course

Fully complete the StellarGRE course by following the guidelines laid out in the three-month study plan. More abbreviated timelines are not eligible for the score guarantee.

Send us your new GRE scores

Same drill as before. Send a copy of a valid GRE score report from an official GRE test taken after fully completing the StellarGRE course to the email above.

If you’ve met all the criteria above, and your new GRE scores have not improved at least as much as the relevant guarantee relative to your old scores, then we will provide a free course subscription equivalent to your previous purchase.